Bangkok-Ayutthaya Travel Guide

A recling Buddha statue in AyutthayaIn this  Bangkok-Ayutthaya travel guide I will detail the three main public transport alternatives for getting to the ancient Thai capital from the nations modern-day capital city.

These options include travelling by train, taking an express/VIP bus and using a mini bus. The distance travelled is about 71 Km.

Thailand Railways Bangkok to Ayutthaya

There are thirty-five trains that travel from Bangkok’s Hualamphong Train Station to Ayutthaya each day. The journey takes between somewhere between 1.25-3.0 hours depending on the class of train taken. In the morning train No 9 and No 3, both special expresses(DRC) leaving at 0830 and 1050 respectively cover the journey in around an hour and twenty minutes. Continue reading

Thai Expat TV-New Channels and Coupon Code

Thai Expat TV

No sooner had I finished the blog on how do you get free Internet TV in Thailand than I received an email from Thai Expat TV detailing new channels and a coupon code for their UK channel package. Rather than write out all the details again, here are a few relevant extracts from the email:

Many thanks for your patience awaiting the release of our new channel package, everything is up & running and you can buy our brand new ‘Premium UK Package’ right away. To compensate for the delay in release we are offering a special deal of only 1,999 THB for 3 months subscription!

NOTE: All existing subscribers purchasing this promotion will be upgraded to the Premium UK Package for the duration of their current subscription term and receive an extra 3 months service.

Example: if you have 4 months Standard UK Package left to run, you will receive 7 months Premium UK Package once you have purchased the 3 month upgrade.

Continue reading

How to get Free Internet TV in Thailand

Do you like watching TV from your home country while living in Thailand. Is it possible to get free Internet TV in Thailand for Expats? If so how do you get free Internet TV in Thailand?

Here is what I have discovered and experimented with so far.

Using a PC for Free Internet TV

One solution I have tried is using on my Windows PC is a Virtual Private Network(VPN) to get access to such services as the BBC iPlayer. With my VPN, Strong VPN, I can choose from several different server locations in the UK, US, Asia and Europe. It works on live services for me but I have never got it to work on the on demand download service. The VPN also seems to slow down my connection so I get a lot of buffering. Makes it almost unwatchable.

Good VPN’s are NOT free either! Continue reading