Thailand Retirement Guide-Essentials 2014 Edition

Thailand Retirement Guide-Essentials 2014 Edition

Free Download

The Thailand Retirement Guide-Essentials (2014 Edition) is now available free to download.

I have updated some of the information in the book to reflect minor changes in Thai Visa regulations, sorted out a few typo’s and broken links(Thai web sites). Continue reading

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Annual Retirement Extension- Thai Visa

example of Annual retirement extension stamp Thai visa

Annual Retirement Extension

I have just completed my annual retirement extension to my Thai O visa. The process was painless and cost me around 5000Baht(see breakdown in costs below).

Although I have touched on the subject in various posts on retirement to Thailand in the past I thought I would share the details of what is involved and how to do it yourself.

Obtaining a retirement extension(NOT a retirement Visa) to an existing valid O visa is a relatively straight forward process. Although different Thai Immigration Offices in Thailand WILL have their own variations of what is required by law. Continue reading

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Thai Expat TV-Coupon Code

Thai Expat TV

Thai Expat TV

I started subscribing to Thai Expat Tv(review here) about a month ago having been impressed with the two day free trial I was offered. During the last month I have found the service to be very good with no detected down time.

Picture quality is very good and the streaming works fine even on my CAT Hinet WIFI. I particularly like the built in video recorder so you can watch movies etc when you like or on a different device.

Recently the company contacted me with a special Christmas offer. Which basically means that if you sign up for 3 months you only pay 333 Baht a month which is half the normal rate!

If you would like to take advantage of the offer from Thai Expat TV (affiliate link)click on this link and use the coupon code XMAS2013 when you get to the checkout. The coupon is valid until 31/12/13.

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Teaching Myself Thai

Teaching Myself Thai

Thai Rice

It’s now a year since I started teaching myself Thai. Or more correctly it marks the first anniversary of me making a concerted effort to learn to read and speak Thai having lived in the country for over 4 years now.

During this year, I have tried, wherever possible, to use free resources, that I have found on the Internet or that other learners have recommended to aid my learning. I have however purchased some iPhone/iPad apps and the somewhat expensive Pimsuler Thai course. You can find a complete list of the free Thai language resources I have discovered and used here. Continue reading

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Bangkok-Koh Samui Travel Guide

In this  Bangkok-Koh Samui travel guide I will detail the three main alternatives for getting to the island from the nations capital city. These options include flying on a domestic carrier, taking an express/VIP bus/ferry combination and using a train/ferry combination that includes a bus link to the ferry terminal.

Travellers wishing to get to Koh Phangan could also use the services outlined below. Continue reading

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