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Bangkok-Koh Samui Travel Guide

In this  Bangkok-Koh Samui travel guide I will detail the three main alternatives for getting to the island from the nations capital city. These options include flying on a [read more....]

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Ghosts and Spirits

  • Phi Ta Khon Animism in Thailand is all part and parcel of Thai Buddhism. It’s something I find quite fascinating,although I remain a health skeptic, I think its fair to [read more....]
  • Thai Amulets can be found everywhere in Thailand, visit any temple, monk shop or market and I can almost guarantee you will find a vendor. You even find them on public and [read more....]
  • Most people in Thailand believe in ghosts and spirits. There are numerous Thai ghost stories particularly in rural Thailand where superstition has its deepest roots. Take a [read more....]
  • The banana leaf in Thailand can be  found on over 20 species of the fruit grown in the country so there is never a shortage of banana leaves. Which is probably a good [read more....]

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