How to make a Krathong for Loi Krathong

A moat created around Bot for Loy Krathong temple grounds ThailandSince I have already written a post about the actual festival of Loi Krathong in which the word  “loi” means to “float” in the Thai language I though I might share with you how to make a krathong to loi so to speak. A bit like floating your boat 😉

To make your very own Krathong you will need the following items:

Slices of stem from a banana tree-it floats in water-one for each krathong
Lotus Flowers
Roses-preferably red or other flowers
Some Oasis
Banana leafs
Incense sticks and candles
Stapler and some small plastic pegs(super glue also works fine)

Now of course if you don’t live in the tropics and banana trees are in short supply then you will have to improvise a little in the best Blue Peter traditions.

Assembling your Krathong

  1. Cut the banana leafs into narrow strips approx 4″x 6″
  2. Shape the leafs into triangles since they will form a coronet around the base of the krathong
  3. Fix triangles in place-staples or glue. You should now have something a bit like a crown
  4. Fill the centre of the base with more banana leafs and fix in place
  5. Fix Oasis in centre of base. (if using)
  6. Create your own unique design with the flowers you have purchased and fix in place
  7. Add some incense sticks and/or candles.

Ready to Float your Krathong

Test float the now assembled krathong in a pond if you have one, otherwise the bath will suffice! Hopefully it will look like the ones in the photograph with this post and won’t sink.

Now before you set off to float your krathong after sunset, you could add fireworks if you really want to make a splash or make it go out with a bang!  But whatever you do make sure you add some money(small coins will suffice)as an offering to the water guardians and something for the local kids to recover if you are in Thailand.

Finally don’t forget to make a wish when you send your krathong on its way at the nearest river, lake, pond or even the sea during the Thai festival of Loi Krathong.

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